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Before obtaining my real estate license in 2016, any major decision I made in my life was along side somebody I trusted. For me, that is what every real estate transaction begins and ends with. Every client I have the privilege of representing can rest assured that I always have their best interests in mind. Thank you so much to all of my past clients/friends/family for trusting me to assist you through your home buying & selling journey.

Fun facts about your Realtor:

Hometown: Champion, OH - Trumbull County

College: Kent State Alumni - BA in Business Administration

Favorite food: Hot wings, baby! 

Favorite sport: Basketball

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, spending time with my nephews

Realtor & Marketing Specialist



Since 1982 I have been actively engaged in residential and commercial real estate buying, selling and rental management all over the US. In addition to my passion for real estate, I own and operate a professional photography business since 1986 called Michael Stephen & Associates, Inc., in Niles, Ohio. As a free service to my sellers, I offer professional staging and photography. 

Fun facts:

Hometown: Niles, OH - Trumbull County

College: Youngstown State University - BA in Business Administration

Hobbies: Spending time with my kids & grandsons, traveling

Realtor & Professional Photographer



Over the course of my career, I have excelled in working effectively with a wide variety of clients in order to complete projects successfully and achieve measurable results. As a strong communicator, strategic planner, and problem solver I feel confident that you will not only be happy with our team as a whole, but be highly impressed with our strategic marketing plan we have developed for you. My favorite thing about this this industry is having the opportunity to meet and help a wide variety of people!

Fun facts:

Hometown: Champion, OH - Trumbull County

College: Youngstown State University - BA in Business Finance

Favorite sport: Soccer

Hobbies: Hiking outdoors with my puppy, kayaking, cooking

Realtor & Marketing Specialist